The Museum and the Territory

Every territory is an open-air museum bearing the traces of time and reflecting the memory of its inhabitants. This section of the website proposes a journey across some symbolic places of the Montello, the Piave and the local towns, tracing the early military plans of the Italian army, the random escape of the refugees and the battles that followed the Austro-Hungarian occupation.

The final destination of this tale is memory, bringing together a community from a cultural, spatial and temporal perspective, and narrated through personal records, accounts, photographs and monuments. The places of our memory gather space and time under single entities. Visitors will not see what happened during or after the war, but how it actually progressed.

  • Montello, Piave and Ciano’s gravels

    The Montello, the Piave and the Villages in memory.

    The Montello ('el Montel' or 'el Montelo' in the local Veneto dialect) is a mountainous relief (maximum elevation of 371m) in the province of Treviso, ranging from the town of ...

  • The itineraries

    A series of trails across memory and forgotten World War I remains in the Piave and the Montello area.