Primary school

Imagining the Great War - The purpose of this activity is to help students become acquainted with the middle Piave territory, a secondary World War I location. Through a series of period pictures the students have the chance to reconstruct the lives of the soldiers, while learning how to de-construct photographs in their various elements (content, subject, aim).

Secondary school

The solstice famine - The purpose of the activity is to examine the second battle of the Piave from the Italian and Austro-Hungarian viewpoints. Each of the two versions will be presented under an 'official' light, as well as a more trivial, memory-based one. By comparing these sources, visitors will gain a more extensive knowledge of the historical event.

In addition, the Museum provides a series of activities to be performed at school with the help of one of its facilitators, in order to prepare the visit in advance or carry out post-visit historical research.